Infill Sales Is ...

… a boutique real estate that specializes in connecting buyers, sellers and builders for infill housing in the Toronto area.  Infill housing converts empty lots, under-utilized or run-down buildings, and other available space in densely built-up urban and suburban areas for use as sites for the construction of new housing.  This is an alternative to over-development of rural and remote areas.  Simply put, it is new home construction in established neighbourhoods.  Allow Infill Sales to curate your experience to get your dream home. 

Why Are Infill Properties Important?

Infill properties help reduce urban sprawl by making efficient use of land by maximizing housing availability.  Some of this infill housing, or new home construction, includes subdividing larger lots that would have only held one home in the past, to create two or more homes.  It can create secondary units, such as laneway or garden suites to create additional homes.  The existing home can be renovated by adding one storey, extended, split into multiple units, or replaced with a multiplex building.

Infill properties can replace unsightly vacant lots by constructing additional housing options. It is efficient in that existing infrastructure (roads, sewers, transportation, schools) are utilized.  This eliminates the need to install new and costly municipal services.

Infill properties provide buyers with the convenience of modern construction and features, in established neighbourhoods, with mature trees and desirable character.  It is an efficient method of urban renewal without the disruption of large scale residential development.  Access to shopping, work, transit and highways are convenient.

By working with Infill Sales, homeowners can get a customized design that meets their specific needs.  Infill properties not only update the neighbourhood, but also improve values for every home around them.  This gentrification leads to renewal and growth of local areas.